Verifying Sulforaphane Regulation of Inflammation

One of the largest agricultural biotechnology companies in the world worked with DHMRI’s In Vitro Sciences (IVTS) Laboratory to verify the effects of sulforaphane on inflammation.

IVTS established a system of Flow Cytometry analysis and a Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) culture system. Immune assays measured the effect of sulforaphane on cytokines and chemokines. IVTS also applied a NanoString gene expression system to look at 184 genes, all of which showed that the sulphorphane regulates anti-inflammatory response.

“We collaborated with this large ag biotech company to design the experiment and worked with them to set up the culture system and determine the genes to look at,” said Qi Jiang, MD, PhD, IVTS Group Leader. “This study shows our capability to collaborate with companies to look at how either natural product or drugs affect human health and disease.”

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