Genomics Laboratory Offering Mouse Genotyping

DHMRI Genomics Laboratory now offers genotyping services for strain profiling of laboratory mice using the Illumina Mouse MD Linkage panel. 

The Illumina panel consists of 1449 single nucleotide polymorphic loci specifically selected to characterize variation across the 10 most common inbred mouse strains (C57BL/6J, 129S1/SvImJ, AKR/J, BALB/cJ, C3H/HeJ, CBA/J, CBA/J, DBA/2J, FVB/NJ, NOD/LtJ, and SJL/J). Genotyping data can be used for characterization of transgenic, congenic and knockout animals, as well as genetic mapping of intercross mouse lines.

DHMRI began genotyping laboratory mice to support multiple sclerosis research led by Simon Gregory, PhD, scientific advisor to the DHMRI Genomics Laboratory and associate professor in the section of Medical Genetics, Department of Medicine at Duke University.

“The thing about the genomics lab at the DHMRI that most people don’t realize is that the scientists here have done an unbelievably good job at maintaining very high throughput, very high quality data while being very responsive to our collaborators’ needs,” Gregory said. “This philosophy extends beyond the mouse project to a wide variety of projects on other organisms using the platforms available in the genomics lab of the DHMRI.”

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