NX Prenatal, DHMRI Partner on Biomarker Discovery for Prenatal Risk Assessment

NX Prenatal, Inc., a privately held women’s healthcare molecular diagnostic company, collaborated with DHMRI’s In Vitro Sciences (IVTS) and Analytical Sciences Laboratories to assess biomarkers associated with blood-based microvessicles and exosomes for spontaneous preterm birth (SPTB) risk.

Published in the American Journal of Perinatology in the article entitled “Circulating Serum-derived Microparticles Provide Novel Proteomic Biomarkers of Spontaneous Preterm Birth,” the study sets forth a statistically valid library of biomarkers identified at 15 to 17 weeks of gestation. To help create the biomarker library, IVTS optimized an established a method of exosome isolation using a novel chromatography platform. Once exosomes were isolated from patient blood samples, the Analytical Sciences Laboratory applied proteomics to evaluate potential biomarkers for preterm birth.

“We determined through our collaboration that certain markers can be used to identify term or preterm birth just by drawing blood and isolating the exosome,” said IVTS Group Lead Qi Jiang, MD, PhD. “I’m very proud of this study because we contributed to the detailed sample processing and scientific discussion that helped our collaborator discover biomarkers with potential clinical use.”

NX Prenatal continues to use this platform in collaboration with DHMRI on biomarker discovery for prenatal and other clinical applications. 

Learn more about DHMRI’s IVTS and Analytical Sciences laboratories.

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