Analytical Sciences Collaborates with ASU on Biomarker for Oxidative Stress

The David H. Murdock Research Institute’s (DHMRI) Analytical Sciences Laboratory (ASL) assisted the Appalachian State University (ASU) Human Performance Laboratory with three metabolomics-based studies that revealed 9+13 HODE as a potential biomarker for oxidative stress resulting from intense exercise.

The ASL team developed an assay for quantification of 9+13 HODE using LC-MS/MS. Both 9+13 HODE and the F2-isoprostanes, the accepted biomarker for exercise-induced, oxidative stress, were assayed in 200 plasma samples derived from an exercise study conducted in the ASU laboratory.

David Nieman, DrPH, director of the Human Performance Laboratory, commented, “We will continue working with Dr. Knagge and the DHMRI Analytical Sciences team in many future studies. This experience represents the type of collaboration that allows scientists to conduct groundbreaking research.”

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