Seeking Scientists Interested in New 10X Genomics Technology

The 10X Genomics Chromium library preparation system leverages molecular barcoding to generate long-read sequencing data. In genome mode, these data can be used for phase haplotyping, calling structural variants and de novo assembly. In the single cell mode, the instrument can be used to generate single cell transcriptome data and to profile gene expression of a mixed cell population. 

Although the 10X technology was originally designed for human samples, scientists in the Genomics Laboratory at the David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) are receiving requests to use the 10X platform on everything from plants to marine animals. In support of these studies, DHMRI scientists are working with 10X Genomics and contracting with academic researchers, companies and government agencies to develop new protocols.

In addition, they are actively seeking more collaborators.

“We recognize the value of 10X, and we’re proud to offer their technology in our Genomics Laboratory,” stated Meredith Bostrom, PhD, a lead genomics scientist at DHMRI with expertise in method development. “We are excited about its versatility, and our ability to help develop it.”

Already, Bostrom and Staff Scientist Gretchen Hoelscher have worked closely with scientists investigating flatworms and sea slugs, developing new protocols to extract and prepare cells for Chromium single cell sequencing.

While it is possible to use frozen cells for the single cell approach, DHMRI scientists have found that the 10X system generates the highest quality data when the cells are fresh.

For scientists interested in using the 10X Genomics platform for investigations involving rodent models, DHMRI offers the Center for Laboratory Animal Sciences (CLAS). The CLAS facility is accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care. It is directed by a board certified attending veterinarian and employs certified laboratory animal care technicians. The CLAS team can harvest cells and coordinate experiments with Genomics Laboratory staff. 

10X is one of a series of platforms in the DHMRI Genomics Laboratory, including those from Nanostring, Illumina and Pacific Biosciences, that can be accessed to provide investigators the best approach to generate the highest quality genomic data.  

To discuss a project, contact Steven Colman, PhD, DHMRI Chief Operating Officer.

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