Published Research


-Metabolome-based signature of disease pathology in MS.
Andersen SL, Briggs FBS, Winnike JH, Natanzon Y, Maichle S, Knagge KJ, Newby LK, Gregory SG. (Jun 2019)


-HAfTs are novel lncRNA transcripts from aflatoxin exposure.
B. Alex Merrick, Justin S. Chang, Dhiral P. Phadke, Meredith A. Bostrom, Ruchir R. Shah, Xinguo Wang, Oksana Gordon, Garron M. Wright. (Jan 2018)


-GPR40 partial agonist MK-2305 lower fasting glucose in the Goto Kakizaki rat via suppression of endogenous glucose production.
Miller C, Pachanski MJ, Kirkland ME, Kosinski DT, Mane J, Bunzel M, Cao J, Souza S, Thomas-Fowlkes B, Di Salvo J, Weinglass AB, Li X, Myers RW, Knagge K, Carrington PE, Hagmann WK, Trujillo ME. (May 2017)


-Measuring Granulocyte and Monocyte Phagocytosis and Oxidative Burst Activity in Human Blood. 
Mary Pat Meaney, David C. Nieman, Dru A. Henson, Qi Jiang, Fu-Zhang Wang. (Sept 2016)

-Metabolomics Analysis of Hormone-Responsive and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cell Responses to Paclitaxel Identify Key Metabolic Differences.
Delisha A. Stewart, Jason H. Winnike, Susan L. McRitchie, Robert F. Clark, Wimal W. Pathmasiri, and Susan J. Sumner. (Jul 2016)

-9- and 13-Hydroxy-Octadecadienoic Acids (9+13 HODE) are inversely related to Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor and IL-6 in Runners after 2 h Running.
David C. Nieman, Mary Pat Meaney, Casey S. John, Kevin J. Knagge, Huiyuan Chen. (Mar 2016)


-Circulating Serum-Derived Microparticles Provide Novel Proteomic Biomarkers of Spontaneous Preterm Birth.
Alan M. Ezrin, Brian Brohman, Jackie Willmot, Sarah Baxter, Keith Moore, Mike Luther, Michael R. Fannon, Baha Sibai. (May 2015)

-The Plant Parasite Pratylenchus Coffeae Carries a Minimal Nematode Genome.
Mark Burke
, Elizabeth H. Scholl, David McK. Bird, Jennifer E. Schaff , Steve Coleman, Randy Crowell, Stephen Diener, Oksana Gordon, Steven Graham, Xinguo Wang, Eric Windham, Garron M. Wright, Charles H. Opperman. (Apr 2015)

-Comparison of GC-MS and GC×GC-MS in the Analysis of Human Serum Samples for Biomarker Discovery.
Winnike JH, Wei X, Knagge KJ, Colman SD, Gregory SG, Zhang X. (Mar 2015)


-Role of cytoskeletal proteins in cerebral cavernous malformation signaling pathways: a proteomic analysis.
Baxter SS, Dibble CF, Byrd WC, Carlson J, Mack CR, Saldarriaga I, Bencharit S. (Jul 2014)

-Distinguishing Vaccinium Species by Chemical Fingerprinting Based on NMR Spectra, Validated with Spectra Collected in Different Laboratories.
Markus MA, Ferrier J, Luchsinger SM, Yuk J, Cuerrier A, Balick MJ, Hicks JM, Killday KB, Kirby CW, Berrue F, Kerr RG, Knagge K, Gödecke T, Ramirez BE, Lankin DC, Pauli GF, Burton I, Karakach TK, Arnason JT, Colson KL. (Jun 2014)

-Reduction in CD4 Central Memory T-cell subset in Co-Stimulation Modulator Abatacept-Treated Patients with Recent-Onset Type 1 Diabetes is Associated with Slower C-Peptide Decline.
Orban T, Beam CA, Xu P, Moore K, Jiang Q, Deng J, Muller S, Gottlieb P, Spain L, Peakman M; The Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Abatacept Study Group. (May 2014)

-Sulforaphane attenuates inflammation by decreasing Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 expression and activity in human monocytes and peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
Jonathan Mein, Fu-Zhang Wang, Qi Jiang, Don James, Sekhar Boddupalli and Sridevi Devaraj. (Apr 2014)

-Bioavailability of polyphenols from peanut skin extract associated with plasma lipid lowering function.
Bansode RR, Randolph P, Ahmedna M, Hurley S, Hanner T, Baxter SA, Johnston TA, Su M, Holmes BM, Yu J, Williams LL. (Apr 2014)

-Proteinuria in Cynomolgus macaques (Macaca fascicularis) with Spontaneously Developed Metabolic Disorder and Diabetes: Transcriptome Analysis of Biopsy Kidney.
Sheng Guo, Wubin Qian, Fenglai Du, Bingdi Wang, Xiaoli Wang, Yupeng Fang, Xuan Chen, Michael Benzinou, Francine M. Gregoire, Michael Staup, Keefe Chng, Yaxiong Chen, Yong-Fu Xiao, Yi-Xin (Jim) Wang. (Feb 2014)


-Fluxomics by NMR Spectroscopy from Cells to Organisms Focusing on Liver. 
Tikunov AP, Winnike JH, Tech K, Jeffries RE, Semelka C, Martin J, McClelland R, Graves LM, Macdonald JM. (2013)

-Asymmetric dimethylarginine attenuates serum starvation-induced apoptosis via suppression of the Fas (APO-1/CD95)/JNK (SAPK) pathway.
Li H, Zhou Y, Zhao A, Qiu Y, Xie G, Jiang Q, Zheng X, Zhong W, Sun X, Zhou Z, Jia W. (Oct 2013)

-Melamine-induced renal toxicity is mediated by the gut microbiota.
Zheng X, Zhao A, Xie G, Chi Y, Zhao L, Li H, Wang C, Bao Y, Jia W, Luther M, Su M, Nicholson JK, Jia W. (Feb 2013)

-The heterodimerization of platelet-derived chemokines.
Carlson J, Baxter SA, Dréau D, Nesmelova IV. (Jan 2013)

-Serum derived exosomes evaluated early in second trimester provide predictive biomarkers of risk for preterm birth before week 34.
Alan Ezrin, Brian Brohman, Sarah Baxter, Keith Moore, Mike Luther. (Jan 2013)


-Elucidating role of salivary proteins in denture stomatitis using a proteomic approach.
Bencharit S, Altarawneh SK, Baxter SS, Carlson J, Ross GF, Border MB, Mack CR, Byrd WC, Dibble CF, Barros S, Loewy Z, Offenbacher S. (Oct 2012)

-Chia seed supplementation and disease risk factors in overweight women: a metabolomics investigation.
Nieman DC, Gillitt N, Jin F, Henson DA, Kennerly K, Shanely RA, Ore B, Su M, Schwartz S. (Jul 2012)

-Exploring salivary proteomes in edentulous patients with type 2 diabetes.
Border MB, Schwartz S, Carlson J, Dibble CF, Kohltfarber H, Offenbacher S, Buse JB, Bencharit S. (Apr 2012)

-Human gouty arthritis is associated with a distinct serum trace elemental profile.
Su, Mingming, Zhang Ting, Zhao Tie, Li Feng, Ni Yan, Wang Xiaoyan, Chen Tianlu, Zhao Aihua, Qiu Yunping, Bao Yuqian, Jia Weiping, Jia Wei. (Mar 2012)

-Distinct urinary metabolic profile of human colorectal cancer.
Cheng Y, Xie G, Chen T, Qiu Y, Zou X, Zheng M, Tan B, Feng B, Dong T, He P, Zhao L, Zhao A, Xu LX, Zhang Y, Jia W. (Feb 2012)

-Urinary metabolite markers of precocious puberty.
Qi, Ying, Li Pin, Zhang Yongyu, Cui Lulu, Guo Zi, Xie Guoxiang, Su Mingming, Li Xin, Zheng Xiaojiao, Qiu Yunping, Liu Yumin, Zhao Aihua, Jia Weiping, Jia Wei. (Jan 2012)



-Mannan structural complexity is decreased when Candida albicans is cultivated in blood or serum at physiological temperature.
Lowman DW, Ensley HE, Greene RR, Knagge KJ, Williams DL, Kruppa MD. (Dec 2011)

-Metabolomic profiling to identify potential serum biomarkers for schizophrenia and risperidone action.
Xuan J, Pan G, Qiu Y, Yang L, Su M, Liu Y, Chen J, Feng G, Fang Y, Jia W, Xing Q, He L. (Dec 2011)

-Salivary metabolite signatures of oral cancer and leukoplakia.
Wei J, Xie G, Zhou Z, Shi P, Qiu Y, Zheng X, Chen T, Su M, Zhao A, Jia W. (Nov 2011)

- Metabonomic phenotyping reveals an embryotoxicity of deca-brominated diphenyl ether in mice.
Chi Y, Xia H, Su M, Song P, Qi X, Cui Y, Cao Y, Chen T, Qiu Y, Zhao A, Ma X, Zheng X, Jia W. (Nov 2011)

-Use of Mutant-Assisted Gene Identification and Characterization (MAGIC) to identify novel genetic loci that modify the maize hypersensitive response.
Chaikam V, Negeri A, Dhawan R, Puchaka B, Ji J, Chintamanani S, Gachomo EW, Zillmer A, Doran T, Weil C, Balint-Kurti P, Johal G. (Oct 2011)

-Metabolic signature of pregnant women with neural tube defects in offspring.
Zheng X, Su M, Pei L, Zhang T, Ma X, Qiu Y, Xia H, Wang F, Zheng X, Gu X, Song X, Li X, Qi X, Chen G, Bao Y, Chen T, Chi Y, Zhao A, Jia W. (Oct 2011)

-Potential metabolite markers of schizophrenia.
Yang J, Chen T, Sun L, Zhao Z, Qi X, Zhou K, Cao Y, Wang X, Qiu Y, Su M, Zhao A, Wang P, Yang P, Wu J, Feng G, He L, Jia W, Wan C. (Oct 2011)

-argeted bisulfite sequencing by solution hybrid selection and massively parallel sequencing.
Lee EJ, Pei L, Srivastava G, Joshi T, Kushwaha G, Choi JH, Robertson KD, Wang X, Colbourne JK, Zhang L, Schroth GP, Xu D, Zhang K, Shi H. (Oct 2011)

-Serum and urine metabolite profiling reveals potential biomarkers of human hepatocellular carcinoma.
Chen T, Xie G, Wang X, Fan J, Qiu Y, Zheng X, Qi X, Cao Y, Su M, Wang X, Xu LX, Yen Y, Liu P, Jia W. (Jul 2011)


-An automated data analysis pipeline for GC-TOF-MS metabonomics studies.
Jiang W, Qiu Y, Ni Y, Su M, Jia W, Du X. (Nov 2010)

-An optimized procedure for metabonomic analysis of rat liver tissue using gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
Pan L, Qiu Y, Chen T, Lin J, Chi Y, Su M, Zhao A, Jia W. (Aug 2010)

-Urinary metabonomic study on colorectal cancer.
Qiu Y, Cai G, Su M, Chen T, Liu Y, Xu Y, Ni Y, Zhao A, Cai S, Xu LX, Jia W. (Mar 2010)


-Serum metabolite profiling of human colorectal cancer using GC-TOFMS and UPLC-QTOFMS.
Qiu Y, Cai G, Su M, Chen T, Zheng X, Xu Y, Ni Y, Zhao A, Xu LX, Cai S, Jia W. (Oct 2009)


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Jason Winnike (2015)
The Advantages of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional GC-MS in the Analysis of Serum Samples for Metabolomics

Presented at the Metabolomics Society Meeting in 2015

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Quantitative NMR Methodology for Biochemical Phenotyping in Complex Biological Matrices.
Presented at Practical Applications of NMR in Industry Conference (PANIC) in Charlotte 2014.

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Examination of Human Serum Samples from Subjects with and without a Chronic Neurodegenerative Disorder.
Presented at American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Meeting in Baltimore 2014.

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Construction of a Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) Draft Genomic Sequence using Multiple Platforms.
Presented at Plant and Animal Genome XVIII Conference, 2011.

Schwartz, S, Carlson, J, Ross, G, Altarawneh, S, Offenbacher, S and Bencharit (2010)
Leveraging Parallel Mass Spectrometry Platforms to Identify Biomarker Signatures of Oropharyngeal Candidiasis in Patient Saliva.
Presented at 58th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topic, 2010.

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