Array & PCR Platforms

The DHMRI has platforms dedicated to SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) genotyping and gene expression. SNPs can be genotyped at the GWAS level using our Illumina iScan and the Illumina Infinium chemistry (using a variety of arrays). Smaller scale SNP genotyping (<100 SNPs) can be performed using the Sequenom MassArray analyzer or the TaqMan chemistry on our ABI7900 HT Fast Real Time PCR instrument. All three platforms allow for the use of pre-built assays, or customized assays, depending on the needs of our clients. Our scientists are ready to work with a client to determine the right array platform for their study.

Array Services*

Illumina IScan:
SNP genotyping with Infinium chemistry

Agena Sequenom MassArray:       
SNP genotyping
Focused methylation using Epityper

ABI7900 HT Real-time PCR:            
Taqman SNP genotyping
Taqman gene expression
Taqman copy number variation
SyberGreen gene expression
Absolute and relative quanititative PCR

*Prebuilt or custom assays can be used with all three platforms.

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