In Vitro Sciences

Our In Vitro Sciences (IVTS) Laboratory provides a wide range of protein biochemistry, cell biology, immunology and clinical chemistry capabilities to support a diverse range of discovery, preclinical and clinical research projects. The IVTS Lab has experience in a wide variety of disease areas including diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. By providing integrated biochemistry and cell biology services, IVTS supports the discovery pipeline from basic research through to the human clinical setting.


  • Clinical biomarker analysis
    • Broad range of ~ 50 clinical chemistries
    • Well-established biomarker panels used in human clinical and diagnostic studies
  • Protein analysis
    • 96- and 384-well plate assays for low-medium throughput profiling
    • Semi-manual, bench top and integrated automation
    • Immunoassay-based capabilities
    • Solid phase time resolved fluorescence
    • Bead-based single- or multiplexed flow immunoassays
    • Plate-based (electro) chemiluminescence
    • Homogeneous immunoassays
  • Cellular analysis
    • Gene expression, metabolite, protein and cell analysis (flow cytometry analysis)
    • Multi-parameter flow cytometry for the in-depth quantification
    • Profiling of all major blood cell populations including minor sub-types
    • Quantification of stem cell surface markers
    • Intracellular markers
  • Microvesicle analysis