Qualitative and Quantitative Single Metabolite Assays and Analysis

Our scientists work with researchers to develop methods for the extraction, isolation, and quantitation of novel molecules, including specific phytochemical, pharmaceutical, or other metabolomics-based compounds.  Assays are developed and implemented for quantitation of single molecules or any number or class of molecules. 

Working with collaborators, our scientists develop extraction methods for a compound or compounds of interest from a variety of matrices.  Using Waters Metabolynx™ software, mass spectra of common metabolites of a single compound of interest are predicted and identified in LC/MS/MS data.  We determine absolute concentration using MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) on a Waters Acquity UPLC/Triple Quadrupole instrument or ABI 4000 QTRAP™ instrument coupled to a conventional Agilent HPLC 1200 to isolate and quantify compounds of interest.  If absolute concentration is not needed, we use internal standards to determine relative concentrations of the compounds of interest.

Available Validated Assays:

  • Cortisol assay using LC/MS/MS based technologies
  • TCA cycle metabolite assay using GC/MS based methods (cis-aconitic acid, oxaloacetic acid, DL-isocritric acid, L-malic acid, alpha-ketoglutaric acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, succinic acid, pyruvic acid, lactic acid)

Available Panels:

  • Lipid panel (Biocrates Kit): LC/MS/MS based panel analyzing up to 41 acylcarnitines, 15 sphingolipids, 92 glycerophospholipids, and 15 biogenic amines
  • Bile acid panel (Biocrates Kit): LC/MS/MS based panel analyzing up to 20 bile acid compounds
  • Aroma panel: GC/MS based panels analyzing up to 83 plant aroma compounds

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