Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1-Inverted Microscope with Apotome

The AxioObserver.Z1 is a widefield microscope that is fluorescent and brightfield equipped with DIC and controlled by AxioVision software. It is possible to obtain multichannel images and time series among other applications. The microscope is equipped with a sensitive black and white camera, AxioCam MRm, for fluorescence imaging.

The Apotome provides outstanding image quality. This microscope insert is simply installed in the reflected light beam path creating increased contrast and greatly improved resolution.


-10X/0.3 Plan NeoFluar
-20X/0.50 Plan NeoFluar
-20X/0.8 Plan ApoChromat
-40X/0.6 LD Plan NeoFluar
-63X/0.75 LD Plan NeoFluar
-63 X/1.4 Oil/DIC Plan Apo

Equipped with filters for: DIC, DAPI, GFP, DsRed, Alexa Fluor 568

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