Zeiss CLSM 710 Spectral Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Confocal microscopy offers an extension in resolution and reduction in depth of field far beyond the limits of light microscopy.  It also offers the advantage of optical sectioning. Z plane optical sections are often used in 3D reconstruction.

The Zeiss LSM 710 is a state of the art point scanning confocal laser scanning microscope that incorporates the latest advances in optics, lightpath efficiency and low noise. The Zeiss 710 uses a variable spectral detection system instead of traditional emission filters.

This is an inverted CLSM with DIC and a wide range of excitation lasers controlled by Zeiss ZEN 2012 software, equipped with a motorized stage and 34 channel spectral detector.

Point scanning confocal microscopes permit high sensitivity with maximal resolution and are useful for low-level fluorescence including visualization of oncogene protein products and various signaling proteins. The microscope is capable of detecting many standard fluorophores, including DAPI, GFP, Fluorescein, Rhodamine, Texas Red, RFP, CY5 and AlexFluor dyes. Applications include imaging of single, double and triple-labeled specimens, 3-dimensional image analysis and colocalization studies.

Laser lines:
Zeiss 710 confocal has multiple laser lines for excitation:
405 diode laser (for DAPI)
458, 488, 514 nm multiline argon laser
561 nm laser
633nm HeNe laser

Objective Lenses: 5X/0.16 Plan Apo, 10X/0.45 Plan Apo, 20X/0.80 Plan Apo, 40X/0.95 Plan Apo, 40X/1.3 Oil Plan Neo, 63X/1.4 Oil Plan Apo, 100 X/1.46 Oil Plan Apo

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