Simon Gregory, PhD

Director of Genomics and Epigenetics, Duke Molecular Physiology Institute
Professor in Neurology, Medicine, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University School of Medicine
Director of the Genomics Laboratory, David H. Murdock Research Institute
Principal Investigator, Duke University MURDOCK MS studies
Founder and Principal Investigator, Discovery MS

Simon Gregory, PhD, applies the experience he gained from leading the sequencing of human chromosome 1 for the Human Genome Project to elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying multi-factorial diseases. His primary area of research involves the identification of the genetic, genomic, and epigenetic factors that give rise to the development of complex diseases such as multiple sclerosis and autism.

He discovered the first gene outside of the MHC to be associated with MS, and has since continued to make significant contributions to MS research by establishing the role of IL7R, and now DDX39B, in the development of the disease. As the principal investigator of the MURDOCK MS study, he is working with samples from over 1,000 MS patients to establish the basis for genetic, genomic and metabolomic biomarker identification of MS disease development and progression. His autism research involves targeted approaches to identify predictors of oxytocin response in human cohorts and animal models.

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