Our Mission

The David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) is the preferred provider of advanced research technologies to academic, government and industry scientists in their pursuit of improved human health through advancements in human health, nutrition, and agriculture research.

Our Mission

To provide three complementary sets of operations:

Established research technologies: We provide competitive advantage to our clients by virtue of superior service, reliability, integration, data management, scale, and/or pricing.

Esoteric research technologies: Such services are highly distinctive and not otherwise available to our clients, by virtue of unique instrumentation and/or methodology. We support ongoing innovation in research technologies, so as to host continuously within its portfolio of services, some that are unique within the region, nation or the world.

Signature research: We are acknowledged as contributing materially to research of transforming importance (e.g. “redefining disease”) by two avenues. Clients from within the NCRC campus or those drawn from the affiliated universities acknowledge us in their publications. In addition, we support directly, on a highly selective basis, the research activities of a few leading scientists (our Investigators) working on- or off-site on projects that require the distinctive capabilities of our laboratories. This latter activity is included in the mission not only to enhance the visibility and international reputation of DHMRI, but to contribute to a culture of continuous innovation among our full time scientific staff.