Gene-EG Seminar Series

The Genomic Sciences Exchange Group (Gene-EG) is a North Carolina Biotechnology Center Exchange Group that meets at the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC). The primary goal of this group is to enhance collaboration and communication between local genomic scientists at the NCRC and those at various academic, commercial and government institutions throughout the country. Gene-EG hosts free, hour-long lectures on scientific ideas, new directions and data analysis techniques from a wide range of genomics research. All are welcome to attend.

2018-19 Gene EG Seminar Schedule:

August 4, 2019
Ceshi Chen, PhD
Kunming Institute of Zoology
The Chinese Academy of Sciences

April 11, 2019
Nicholas Provart, PhD
Department of Cell & Systems Biology
University of Toronto

The Genomic Sciences Exchange Group is funded in part by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center to support ongoing collaborative genomics research in the Greater Charlotte region.

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