Broad Metabolomics Profiling

The scientists in our Metabolomics Laboratory specialize in metabolite profiling on mammalian, plant, and bacterial systems using a variety of biological sample types including blood, urine, saliva, liver tissue, intestinal tissue, plant leaf extract, plant root extract,  or plant juice.  We collect data using instrumentation that includes a Waters Acquity UPLC™/QTOF™, Leco GC/TOF, Agilent ICP/MS, Bruker 600, 700, or 950 MHz NMR spectrometers, and specialized lipid/carnitine kit using ABI LC/QTRAP™. 

Global Metabolite Profiling Strategy

We employ methodologies using GC x GC-MS analysis to broaden the number of metabolites detected in profiling analysis. After sample data collection, our scientists annotate data using in-house libraries and external libraries including NIST and Wylie.  LC/MS methods and in-house LC libraries contain both common mammalian and plant metabolites.  Relative quantitation is performed referencing internal standards.  We check data across multiple platforms and then conduct analysis using multivariate statistics. 

In addition, the  scientists in our Metabolomics Lab perform pathway analysis and determine biological relevance to possible biomarkers using cutting-edge software.  We have the advantage of a team of bioinformatics experts who are available to analyze biomarker and pathway data and relate it to proteomic or genomic data.

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