Zeiss 710 NLO Axio Examiner Multiphoton Upright Confocal Microscope

Multiphoton Microscopy with Zeiss 710 NLO

Multiphoton or two-photon microscopy is a state-of-the-art imaging technique that has revolutionized the ability to image deep into tissues and live animals. While confocal microscopy utilizes a pinhole to remove out of focus light from the image, multiphoton microscopy uses an excitation volume restricted to the laser focus. The focus of the laser is the only location where the photons are dense enough to excite the fluorophores, creating optical sectioning with the excitation laser. Because no out of focus fluorescence is excited, there is no need for a pinhole to eliminate out of focus photons and all the emitted fluorescence is collected using non-descanned detectors (NDD’s). A NDD has the shortest possible light path for emitted light thus reducing signal loss. The NDD system combined with two-photon excitation dramatically increases the amount of emitted light collected and provides an increase in sample depth penetration.  Thus, the NDD’s possess excellent light collection efficiency and produce excellent imaging results in thick tissue samples and live animals. Some advantages of multiphoton microscopy include reduced photobleaching and photodamage, less autofluorescence, and deeper tissue penetration.

Zeiss LSM 710 Multiphoton Axio Examiner Microscope System Overview

  • Chameleon Ultra Fast II pulsed laser tunable from 680-1080nm
  • 458, 488, 514, 561nm visible laser lines
  • Dual Non Descanned Detectors
  • Allows 3D imaging in live animals and thick tissue samples

Wide Range of Available Objective Lenses:

  • 5X/0.16 Ph1 EC Plan-NeoFluar
  • 10X/0.3 W N-Achroplan
  • 10X/0.45 Plan-ApoChromat
  • 20X/0.8 Plan-ApoChromat
  • 20X/0.4 LD Plan-NeoFluar
  • 20X/0.5 EC Plan NeoFluar
  • 20X/1.0 W Plan-ApoChromat DIC Vis-IR
  • 25X/0.8 DIC (UV) Vis-IR Oil Glyc LD LCI Plan-ApoChromat
  • 40X/0.75 EC Plan-NeoFluar Ph2
  • 40X/1.3 Oil DIC EC Plan-NeoFluar
  • 63X/1.0 VIS-IR W Plan-ApoChromat

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