Zeiss PALM Microdissection System

A fully computer controlled microdissection system built on a Zeiss Axiovert fluorescence microscope stand. Tissue sections are placed on special membrane coated slides. Areas for microdissection are selected on a computer monitor using various drawing tools after which microdissection occurs. The special membrane plus tissue is cut through in the selected areas using a nitrogen UV laser and areas are lifted from the slide into a waiting receptacle (Eppendorf tube) through a laser catapulting method.

Objective Lenses: 5X/0.25 FLUAR, 10X/0.50 FLUAR, 
20X/0.40 Ph2 Korr LD Plan-Neofluar, 40X/0.60 Korr LD Plan-Neofluar,
63X/0.75 Korr LD Plan-Neofluar

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