Our Proteomics Laboratory combines advanced instrumentation, high-throughput robotics, and an integrated data management system to provide automated and streamlined solutions for protein biomarker identification and analysis. We specialize in global proteomics approaches that identify and target biomarkers for disease detection and monitoring as well as potential new drug targets for therapeutic development.

We inject samples using a nanoLC Dionex 3000, and analyze them with a variety of mass spectrometers, including a TSQ triple quadrupole mass spectrometer or Orbitrap mass spectrometer.  Proteins are identified using the mass of signature peptide fragments via PEAKS software.

We identify common mammalian proteins using published libraries such as SwissProt as well as plant proteins through databases of plants or plant families.  PEAKS software is used to perform semi-quantitative analysis of proteins.  When differential protein expression is determined, we conduct multivariate statistical analysis and construct heat maps or other visualization methods to demonstrate the results.

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